Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Hi Baby girl...

Just a quick note before bed, I had to tell you before I forgot! Tonight we went to "See" Aunt Katie in "Cowboys and Aliens" (it's an OK movie about, well, Cowboys and Aliens...). Anyways! Some of the crazy alien noises were scaring you! You would be nice and quiet for long stretches of time when things were very calm and then a huuuuge noise would go off and you would kick me or move very suddenly! Awww, sweetheart, I was trying not to laugh/be concerned...

Hey, at least we all supported Aunt Katie ;) And you know what, maybe you'll be like your Mommy...I can't stand suspense or horror or anything that makes me suck all the air out of the room! Ugh! Too scary!

Love you Vivi...

XO- Mom

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