Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Closer

Hi little girl =)

Well...we're 32 weeks in Vivi. I can tell you are getting big fast and two days ago you decided to adopt the head down position so that you would be ready to come out!

This weekend your Aunt Esther and Aunt Jessica are throwing a baby shower for us and wouldn't you know, it's gonna be a baby BUG shower! The invitations are so so so sweet (I'll save one for your baby "book"), and I am sure with those two creative women, there will be many pictures of sweet theme ideas to come! I always have a hard time with showers because all the attention is on me and it makes me feel really weird...but I'm so thankful that people want to bless your Daddy and I, and you of course, with gifts. We're thankful to have things given to us from the love of others. It's really awesome and it reminds us to thank Jesus for friends and family.

Speaking of things given to us...Daddy and I were in your little nursery last night looking at what we had so far, and we realized everything had been given to us by other people either actually or by giving us money to purchase it. Everything except Mommy's vintage rocker and Daddy's chest of drawers for all of your clothes! WOW! We are very blessed already! I told Daddy that's what he gets for marrying an old lady: all of mommy's friends have already had babies and are ready to pass stuff on, haha! Juuuust kiddin ;) The Daniels (I have mentioned them before), Sam, Page and their daughter Sydney gave us a GARBAGE BAG FULL of newborn clothes for mommy to put you in the first little bit of your life! What a blessing! I hope you aren't too big...most of them are newborn size ;) I'll attach the picture of all the clothes at the end...I couldn't believe all the sweet little things you can wear!

Everyone is getting really excited to meet you. I love to hold Sydney, it makes me think of you and of your arrival soon. You're starting to feel very heavy in my belly! It's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed or walk fast anywhere...haha! I also seem to run out of breath more quickly...although Vivi, it's about a million degrees outside these days so unless I make it over to the pool, I try to just hang out at home in the cool air. Summers in Georgia can almost be unbearable!

I have been asking the Lord to give me a few verses for you, for your life and I believe I have one already ;) I've been asking for some verses for mommy to meditate on while in labor too...I'll be excited to share them with you sometime soon.

This weekend we went up to North Carolina to see your Aunt Rachel and you put on a little show for her kicking and rolling around. Thanks! She was excited to feel you, especially with being gone until almost right up to your birth. You are such a sweetheart. When I hug Daddy you like to move and kick, so he always says: "Oh, you don't want me to hug your mommy?" or "Oh hi Vivi! Making sure we know you're there, huh?" Something like always seem to make sure that you make your prescence known. I don't mind. I love feeling you move around even if it hurts a bit sometimes. I am getting excited to hold you in my arms...

I love you sweetheart,


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