Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Hi Baby girl...

Just a quick note before bed, I had to tell you before I forgot! Tonight we went to "See" Aunt Katie in "Cowboys and Aliens" (it's an OK movie about, well, Cowboys and Aliens...). Anyways! Some of the crazy alien noises were scaring you! You would be nice and quiet for long stretches of time when things were very calm and then a huuuuge noise would go off and you would kick me or move very suddenly! Awww, sweetheart, I was trying not to laugh/be concerned...

Hey, at least we all supported Aunt Katie ;) And you know what, maybe you'll be like your Mommy...I can't stand suspense or horror or anything that makes me suck all the air out of the room! Ugh! Too scary!

Love you Vivi...

XO- Mom

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hiccups and GIFTS!

Hi Vivi =)

There are so many things to catch up on! I'm going to try to remember everything from the last few weeks...let's see how well I do!

First things first: Yesterday you woke me up with your hiccups! Daddy and I laid in bed laughing at how sweet and small they were sweetheart. You are head down these days (although you can switch to a horizontal position if you feel like it (it's just not that comfy for mommy!) so that's good. And then, you got them again last night while we were in birthing class! That brings your hiccups to a total of 3 times! Super sweet little thing.

Mommy has been feeling little pangs in my nerves in my thighs recently. I asked the doctor about it yesterday. She said that you were just getting ready to be born and kind of getting yourself in position, so it may happen. I have to tell you- it's not very nice. It's the most uncomfy feeling!

You had a baby shower on July 16th that Aunt Esther and Aunt Jessica threw for you. Coco and Grandad of course helped, and it was so very beautiful. Page Daniels, Mommy's friend, took lots of pictures so I'll make sure to put a link up here for them once she posts them herself =) You got lots of sweet little clothes and fun gifts...Coco bought you a car seat and stroller (you can thank her when you're older, haha!) and Grandma Baer got you a super nice cloth diaper, passed down a sterling silver spoon to you that was mine, a cute little outfit that says "Grandma and Grandpa love me" and a diaper sprayer!

We are very blessed to have friends and loved ones that want to pour into your life. My favorite part of the shower was all of the prayers. Aunt Esther had everyone fill out cards for you of hopes and wishes and then we all sat around and prayed. I cried and cried of course! It's not fair! I'm pregnant! ;) But I truly was moved at everyone's heart cries to Jesus for you baby girl. All of the guests prayed for you in many different ways...that you would know the Lord, that you would walk in truth, that you would be found by the right man He has for you...and on and on. It was my favorite Vivi...and Aunt Sally and Grandmomma Baer are throwing you a shower this Saturday (With Lynda Poole) too! We are very blessed...

I want to tell you, the Lord has really been honoring His promises to take care of us. Your Daddy has been working hard and feeling encouraged by the Lord to continue with the training business. He has a real desire to help people take care of their temples in order to serve the's a great fit for him and he's gone more these days (at the gym) to make it happen. In the meantime, the Lord has really been providing for us. Aunt Esther is loaning us their crib and changing table so that we don't have to get one (until they have more kiddos!), and lots of gifts have been given to us- clothes, etc.

The biggest blessing came yesterday! Aunt Sally has been nannying for a lady this summer that heard we were cloth diapering you...she happened to have wanted to do the same, but never followed through, so she donated all of her brand new NICE cloth diapers to our family. 12 AIO diapers Viv. That's hundreds of dollars that we saved. I was so excited!

Viv, one of the things I love so much about walking with the Lord is that when YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY and DON'T TRY TO FORCE GOD'S PLANS, He allllllllways brings things in a better way than you would have ever thought. He turned someone's stuff that was just lying around not being used into our diapering system that we would have had to have purchased. What if I would have bought it in my impatience? Less money for something else that God has it for. I have many examples over the last 5 years or so when God did things like this. Just out of His promise to be our provider...but I have to tell's soooooooo much sweeter than doing for yourself. It feels like you get to walk hand in hand with Him, becoming more like Him and less like yourself. What a beautiful, exciting journey it is to know Jesus.

Your Dad and I have been praying for our family and for you. Last night as we were falling asleep, we just lifted you up again and the heritage you've inherited being a Baer/Elmer. We asked the Lord to allow you to be MORE, to know HIM MORE, to not be subject to generational sin in any way (we're praying in faith on that one), and to protect you. I read Psalm 139 yesterday (I'm picking bible verses for your room) and I was just so moved, not only at the way the Lord knows YOU right now, but how he knows ME. How He knows your is just too much to fathom. We echo David's awe for the Father in that chapter...I hope you come to love it as I have over time. This week it just seemed to be a fresh reminder...a new love and appreciation for who He is.

We have been very blessed this summer...your Daddy and I are overwhelmed with love for Jesus, for each other, and for you. We pray that we'll listen to the Lord as we endeavor to raise you (and boy will we try to do that first!), and as we grow our family more...

One last thing! We've been looking at changing our car situation...Seems like babies need a lot of room =) so we're checking into a bigger car and restructuring how we pay for transportation. We want to be the most responsible with what God is giving us right now. So, Mommy is praying for that too...I know we'll have a resolution in God's timing...

Love to you sweet Viven Kate...we'll be seeing you so soon!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Closer

Hi little girl =)

Well...we're 32 weeks in Vivi. I can tell you are getting big fast and two days ago you decided to adopt the head down position so that you would be ready to come out!

This weekend your Aunt Esther and Aunt Jessica are throwing a baby shower for us and wouldn't you know, it's gonna be a baby BUG shower! The invitations are so so so sweet (I'll save one for your baby "book"), and I am sure with those two creative women, there will be many pictures of sweet theme ideas to come! I always have a hard time with showers because all the attention is on me and it makes me feel really weird...but I'm so thankful that people want to bless your Daddy and I, and you of course, with gifts. We're thankful to have things given to us from the love of others. It's really awesome and it reminds us to thank Jesus for friends and family.

Speaking of things given to us...Daddy and I were in your little nursery last night looking at what we had so far, and we realized everything had been given to us by other people either actually or by giving us money to purchase it. Everything except Mommy's vintage rocker and Daddy's chest of drawers for all of your clothes! WOW! We are very blessed already! I told Daddy that's what he gets for marrying an old lady: all of mommy's friends have already had babies and are ready to pass stuff on, haha! Juuuust kiddin ;) The Daniels (I have mentioned them before), Sam, Page and their daughter Sydney gave us a GARBAGE BAG FULL of newborn clothes for mommy to put you in the first little bit of your life! What a blessing! I hope you aren't too big...most of them are newborn size ;) I'll attach the picture of all the clothes at the end...I couldn't believe all the sweet little things you can wear!

Everyone is getting really excited to meet you. I love to hold Sydney, it makes me think of you and of your arrival soon. You're starting to feel very heavy in my belly! It's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed or walk fast anywhere...haha! I also seem to run out of breath more quickly...although Vivi, it's about a million degrees outside these days so unless I make it over to the pool, I try to just hang out at home in the cool air. Summers in Georgia can almost be unbearable!

I have been asking the Lord to give me a few verses for you, for your life and I believe I have one already ;) I've been asking for some verses for mommy to meditate on while in labor too...I'll be excited to share them with you sometime soon.

This weekend we went up to North Carolina to see your Aunt Rachel and you put on a little show for her kicking and rolling around. Thanks! She was excited to feel you, especially with being gone until almost right up to your birth. You are such a sweetheart. When I hug Daddy you like to move and kick, so he always says: "Oh, you don't want me to hug your mommy?" or "Oh hi Vivi! Making sure we know you're there, huh?" Something like always seem to make sure that you make your prescence known. I don't mind. I love feeling you move around even if it hurts a bit sometimes. I am getting excited to hold you in my arms...

I love you sweetheart,


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence day!

Hi Viv,

Well today your daddy is at work...and I'm here with you. You've been pretty quiet all morning, even though I've had a bit of coffee. =) I just couldn't go back to sleep after your daddy left so I thought I might write you!

Yesterday a year ago your daddy asked me to marry him. What a wonderful year it has been. While we can't wait to meet you and cuddle you and kiss your sweet face, we are very thankful for each other and what the Lord gave us. Your Daddy is so awesome. He's smart and funny and handsome (all the things every woman wants), but most importantly: He loves Jesus with a passion. Your Daddy has certain ideas about living for the Lord for the short time that we're here. I like to listen to him expressing his passion for intimacy with the Lord for all people, and when we're alone, I get to hear your Daddy pray and talk to Jesus in a way that makes me love him even more than I thought I ever could. One day there will be a man that wants to marry you (I'm sure!), so you'll want to trust your Daddy to be able to help discern if he's the right one for you. Daddy's know other men and your Daddy will be able to tell =)

Your Mommy waited a long time for your Daddy, Vivi. I dated different men throughout my twenties, but it never was quite right. I loved certain things about each one (I'm the eternal optimist!!!) and I appreciate, as I now reflect, on how different relationships taught me different things...but no one compares to your Dad. He's the perfect man for me and even though at the time it seemed like waiting any longer for him would just KILL ME, I would wait longer for him if the Lord asked me to. And one day, I hope you can have that perspective too. Mommy loves to tell people "Most people fail rather than succeed because they give up what they want MOST for what they want in a MOMENT". The statement resonates so much for me because I had my share of failures along the way. But that's the beauty of our redeeming Lord. Maybe another day we'll talk about that ;)

In the meantime, you should know, there is a video that Aunt Rachel filmed (while hiding) of your Dad's proposal to me. The video only really encapsulates the actual moment though. Your Dad had started pursuing me before he actually asked me. You'll want to marry someone with such deliberate intentions too, I promise. =) Your Dad made it clear to me after we had only spent a few nights talking in person getting to know each other, that he wanted to date me and me only. Then he told me that he wouldn't be saying things such as "I love you" unless he planned on only saying it to me for the rest of my life. And then after the "I love you" came the story he started sending me bit by bit on my phone every morning leading up to the engagement night. And the flowers! I can't forget all the roses! He started giving me roses the week leading up to July 3rd. Roses with little tags on them with all sorts of little sayings about me, him, US...and then the night of our engagement, FLOWERS- 372 of them! All with little tags...and candles and music, and our family there to support us. It was so very sweet...your Dad even picked out my engagement ring, which I wanted. I think it means more to have your husband pick it's HIS gift to you after all. And wouldn't you know baby girl, your Daddy picked out a better ring than I would have ever picked for myself!!!

Letting the man of your life actually BE the man of your life is the way that you can show others the church's need to submit to Christ. Your Daddy quoted Ephesians 5:1-2 to me when he proposed...and a year later sweetheart, I have a man that exemplifies those verses even more deeply than he did the day he uttered them. What a committed man your Daddy is...preferring me before himself in so many's so very humbling Viv. I truly already pray for your husband one day. I am counting on the Lord to preserve his life, to save his soul, to place in him a desire to wait for you and to love Jesus above all. What a life changing experience marriage is...and when you marry the one God has for you, it's life changing for the good.

You're going to be here very soon. Your Daddy and I are going to start some classes this week to prepare us for the experience of birth. I am not nervous. I'm more excited to rely on the Lord and to share this with your Daddy. Pregnancy has been a JOY so far. And as of late, you are getting so much bigger so you have sort of mellowed out in my tummy. I feel you flutter around, but no more hard it's just little readjustments =) I kid your Daddy that you like to flop around like he does to get comfy at night, hah! So it's been nice to just sort of press on my tummy and feel your shoulder, or your's totally surreal...especially knowing soon that I get to kiss every one of those little toes! =)

This past Friday, some of your mommy's friends, Page and Nathalie, took pictures of me. They took some of your Daddy and me too ;) I haven't seen but just a few, however, I know I will treasure them for a long time to come! Like I said, I feel very VERY blessed at how the Lord is taking care of me in this's been a dream.

I'm praying for you and can't wait to meet you soon sweetheart...