Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Day in the Elmer House!


It's a big day sweetheart!
Today you had two big firsts =) I watched you as you examined my hand and then you tried to reach out and touch it! It was super cool...I felt like you were your own little person, exploring life, instead of just existing for me to take care of you ;) Afterwards you took a nap on mommy (I couldn't resist) and you were all curled up on my tummy like you were when you were in my belly not too long ago-- it was SUPER SWEET =)

But the big news is that you lost your umbilical cord today! YAY! Now Mommy and Daddy can give you a bath! I'm so excited! =) Daddy asked me if I had saved it. sweetie, I threw it out. No offense, but I figured you wouldn't be interested in seeing a dried up piece of cord one day ;)

I love you big are already getting so big...I'm enjoying spending time learning to be your Mom.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Poem From Your Daddy...

Vivi, Daddy wrote this a few hours before you were was the in between time when we were waiting for Mommy's body to be finally ready and we were finally getting some rest...

At two I watched the minutes pass.
Two oh five. Then two ten.
I'd look at her for a moment or two,
Then back at the clock again.

My arms were tired from holding her.
My back was sore from standing.
I pushed and pressed, did all I could,
but the curse was too demanding.

All I could do was watch, helpless.
at the anguish of my wife,
The toil of my body, a trifle
compared to the judgement upon my eyes.

With the curse of the fall before me,
And the judgement of sin upon us,
I received a new witness to mercy,
I received new hope in Jesus.

For the pain I caused my savior,
I now witness in my own wife,
And I'm drawn anew to salvation
and called to give up my life.

Now I too will be a father,
And soon, my own image will fall,
And on that day I'm sure I will see
What it means to love above all.

And if I could only but cast,
a dim light toward God above,
maybe someday too, my daughter,
will learn what it means to love.
We love you...xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vivien's Birth Pictures!

You are one week old...

Hi sweetheart! Well, you're here! We can hardly believe it, but you are!!! At some point I will write out your birth story, but for now, your Mommy and Daddy are tired and taking time to make sure and take naps while YOU are napping! So, in a couple of weeks I will write it out =) For now Mommy wants to remember that you have had a very sweet first week of your life... The day after you were born, you smiled at me in the hospital. Such a sweet smile. This week you have done nothing but become a great eater, a great sleeper, and a great pooper ;) You aren't terribly fond of getting changed (clothes, etc.), but you're starting to be okay with what's happening when it's time to change your clothes or your diaper... You have fallen asleep twice on your Daddy's chest (Mommy has pictures, she just isn't going to post them in public), and you can see them one day. You are very tiny sleeping on your Daddy and he's just smitten with you. And today, as I write briefly, you are at your Grandma and Grandpa's house with Mommy and Daddy. We're resting and we'll probably play a game or two're upstairs in the worship room sacked out in the pac 'n play. Your Mommy is wondering if I should wake you up soon so you don't sleep all day ;) Grandma Baer is super in love with you...She's been taking lots of pictures of all of your sweet faces...I'll put them on your blog soon. I love have more than exceeded everything I thought you would be baby Vivien... Love, Mom P.S. These pictures are a slideshow of the first week of your life...Some of us coming home from the hospital, some of us at Grandma and Grandpa Baer's on your one week old anniversary (You're wearing the "I love Grandpa" onesie which he loved!).