Monday, January 24, 2011

I saw you!

Hi Baby Bug...

I SAW YOU! This past week your daddy and I went to see our first picture of you!!!! Oh my goodness you are so small and so sweet. Our nurse, Doris, said you were perfectly awesome and she told me that you should be coming September 6th (which is exactly when your mommy said you'd be let's just see if you actually want to come out then!)

Your little heartbeat was something else, too. Your Daddy and I are super excited to have you here with us when the time comes. Now that I have your little photo on the fridge, it seems even more real. I am so excited to meet you one day (and so is your Aunt Sally and Aunt Wade, they both are reaaaalllllllly excited too! haha!)

We may go ahead and find out more about you in a couple of months. Daddy seems to think that being prepared ahead of time would be good for us, and your mommy trusts your daddy's we'll see ;) In the meantime, I saw that your daddy posted your picture, and we still have to put up the video we made of Grandma and Grandpa Baer finding out =)

Today I am not feeling well (for something new!) My body is working very hard to grow you up Baby Bug! And that's okay with me...I'm not really feeling all the nausea anymore, now it's just overall tiredness and are in your 8th week baby! Tomorrow you start your NINTH WEEK! The time is going so fast already!

I'm so proud of you little one. Your Daddy and I pray all the time that you'll know Jesus (cause He knows you right now, everything about you!) And we are praying that He helps us be the best parents we can be. I can't wait to see you more close and look at your little face. I love you so much!!!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Bug Pic!


Your Mom Is Asleep...Again

It must be hard work growing a baby bug. All your mom wants to do nowadays is sleep, eat, and watch Lost. In the future, Lost will be one of those TV shows like Cheers or one point, everyone watched it, but no one in the next generation cares. Just know that, in it's time, Lost was a hit. And even though your mother and I are a little late to the party (and, to be honest, dad used to poke fun at people who watched it religiously), it does provide a very good distraction from your mom's morning sickness.

We went to the doctor today for the second time, and it was a momentous occasion to say the least. Today, your mom had her sonogram, and we were finally able to see you for the first time! We took home two little pictures (which your dad will try to attach to this post) and we got to hear your heart was amazing. It all happened so fast I barely had time to soak it in. Watching the lines on the machine, hearing the "whoosh whoosh" of your heart beating furiously inside your tiny, gummy bear-sized was truly an eye-opening moment for your mom and I. I think that probably has something to do with why she's passed out on the couch right now...she was so excited earlier she couldn't contain herself. She probably wore herself out.

I've been thinking more and more about the lessons I want to teach you, the kind of person I hope you will turn out to be. I know you have to be a baby first, and then a kid, but I can't help but imagine all the spectacular possibilities. I know God has a great plan for you, just as He does for me. And my responsibility in the matter is to raise you to know Him, and that's what I will try and do. I might also teach you how to change a tire, flick a disc, and make a pot of spaghetti as well...but let's not get too sidetracked from what's important. And yes, I do intend to teach you those things even if you are a girl... it's all stuff that's good to know, you know?

Anyway, I think I'm going to wake up your mom and see if she wants to share a bowl of ice cream with me. I love you my sweet baby bug. I'm excited to share this world with you.

Just stop making your mom so sick, ok?! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My little baby boy...or girl...or boy and girl?

We were supposed to have your first doctors appointment today, but as I'm sure you're mom already told you, we have been snowed in for days! We only get storms like these in Atlanta every ten years or so, and if that trend continues, you and I are going to have some serious fun sledding in about a decade! Of course, by then the Lord may have moved us elsewhere. You'll realize very soon that your daddy's deepest desire is to follow the Lord, no matter what that means or where that takes us. One thing it does is never boring!

I'm really excited that you will be joining us so soon! Your mom and I are excited to raise a big family (if the Lord blesses us so), and you are the first of hopefully many! I don't think it's really set in yet for me...maybe when we go to the doctor, or maybe when we get our first picture of you. Just so you know, your dad prayed for twins, and God is certainly capable of giving us not just one, but two baby bugs! We'll have to wait another couple of days to know that for sure, but just in case, I want you both to know that your mom and I love you very much. And if we are only having one bug, it's because God knows best...and He wanted us to have you first for a reason! Isn't that cool?

Well I have tons of things I want to say...stuff to teach you, lessons I want you to learn...why just the other day I was thinking about how important it will be to teach you how to listen. Your dad was such a poor listener in school that if a teacher was boring he would just let his mind wander. It was so bad, some of his teachers thought he was deaf! Your dad had to learn the hard way that listening is important, but I want you to learn that early and easily. Can you do that?

I'm certain you are going to be the smartest and cutest baby bug too... hopefully you'll master things like sleeping all night very quickly! But God blessed your mom and I with a healthy amountt of patience, so if it doesn't come right away, don't worry. We'll always be here for you.

Your mom was sweet enough to make me a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, so I'm going to sign off. But I can't wait to get to the doctor to check on your progress...and to find out if we are having two bugs! I'm actually making your mother eat the sandwich...all she wanted for dinner was ice cream! She'll enjoy a bowl later I'm sure, but I want to make sure she's getting the nutrition she needs, for her sake and yours!

We love you baby bug! I couldn't be happier to be a aren't born yet and you already make me proud :)


Hi baby bug...

Your Daddy and I were going to go to our first doctor's appointment today to find out about you and make sure that you're doing well, but the heavens opened up and the Lord has given Atlanta a major sheet of ice to cover every inch of this big city! Sooooo we are stuck inside. Your daddy is playing old school Nintendo right now he's so bored. And I thought I might just write you...

Lately you have let mommy know how much you HATE onions! You must be your Daddy's little one because he can't stand them either--- and that makes me smile because if there's anything I would love, it would be for you to be like your Daddy =) These days he is always reaching over to rub my tummy if I tell him it is bugging me! Daddy and I agree that you are starting to be able to tell, ever so slightly, that my belly is going to get big. It feels sorta firm and is sticking out juuuuust a bit. I get excited to see the changes and I'm excited to see YOU one day precious baby! Today as we ran to the grocery store amidst the million other people trying to clean that place out, I saw a mommy with her little boy in her cart on the baby aisle. He was being very well behaved and I couldn't help but wonder what you'll be like....will you cry all the time? Will you be quiet? My mother says that your Uncle Steve, my brother, was very content to wake up in the mornings and wait for her to come get him when she was ready...I don't think every mommy gets that luxury...maybe you'll be a laid back baby? I don't know sweet baby bug, your Mommy and Daddy are both VERY type A. I'm not so sure we would know what to do with a laid back litte one! haha =)

Something else sort of frightening has been happening recently. The last few nights, I have woken up in a panic, lots of anxiety! Restless dreams and I immediately tell your Daddy to pray out loud for you (and me!). I'm not sure what it is and Mommy gives it to Jesus with Daddy, right away in prayer, but the Lord is already showing me how much you belong to HIM, that He has just loaned you to me and to your daddy. I can't do anything with fears except give them away. You have to understand too, sweet bug, Mommy is not a very fearful person. If you take after me at all in this area, you'll see! (And you should ask Grandma Baer about your Mommy's first day of kindergarden!) Yes, I am seeing how we prayed for the Lord to give us a family when He felt it was time and so it would be very wrong of Mommy to try to take ownership now. You'll see my darling, the Lord is most wanting of our faith. I have total faith that if He wanted to call you home tomorrow and take you from me, I would miss you very much, but I would trust Him. And your Daddy feels the same (trust me, I asked him ;))

Okay, I suppose this is enough for now...Daddy and I went on a litle walk in the ice/snow and I thought about how one day I will have to bundle up my little baby bug to take you with us- and how sweet little babies aren't allowed to forget their mittens (like maybe Mommy did!)...

We've rescheduled the Doctor's appointment for Thursday and I'm excited to see Dr. Alarcon! He was Miss Teda's doctor when she had her girls (whom you will LOVE!), and she loved him, so I'm excited to meet him too!

Okay--- love you sweet baby bug...
I pray for you all the time, everyday.

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How you got your name...

Hi Sweet Baby Bug...

This is your Mommy typing =) Your Daddy and I know a few different people who write to their little ones, and Mommy decided she wanted to do the same...This will help mommy, because I am afraid my memory can suffer some from all of my "living in the moment!" It's okay, that's the way God made me, and right now, that's what God is doing with you...making you! Inside of me!

Daddy and I have been VERY excited since we found out about you!!! You were a complete surprise, but we prayed for you to come when Jesus was ready to send you! Daddy and I got married pretty fast- we knew that all of our waiting for each other wasn't in vain, so we trusted the Lord and married each other! I'll write you the story one day, but for today- that'll be good ;) So when Daddy and I decided to give our marriage to the Lord with all of our hearts, we also prayed for a family when He thought we were ready! And then, on December 31, 2010- on your Aunt Katie's wedding day!!!- we found out about sweet little you! Even though we had only been married just under 3 months, Daddy and I were SO EXCITED! It was all we could do not to tell everyone! Mommy told one lady that was even a complete stranger (I couldn't help it sweetheart! I was so happy!) We had to wait another few days before we got home to Atlanta before we could tell Momma and Papa Baer (now GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!) and Grandma was so excited she started jumping around!!! Grandma Baer is going to be the best Grandma ever, you'll agree with me one day, and Grandpa Baer was so excited that he couldn't wait to tell either! Mommy is a lot like her daddy in this way too! ;)

Coco and Gandad (As your cousin Isaac has named them) are Daddy's parents- and you will LOVE them! Gandad flies around- he is a pilot (which I bet you'll think is so cool as you get older- heck, even Mommy thinks it's cool at 28!) so we are waiting until Gandad flies in from work tomorrow to tell Daddy's parents! And Coco loves being a Grandmom. Your cousins Isaac and Oliver ilve at their house right now and she loves to help out watching (And spoiling, I'm sure!)...They will be thrilled tomorrow! We are soooo excited to have you meet everyone one day--- you are already so loved and being prayed for all the time Little Baby Bug...

OH! I should tell you how you became our little baby bug! Well, Daddy calls Mommy "Love Bug" (and sometimes Mommy calls Daddy that too!), so on our way to go "confirm" that you would be coming along, we had just left the drugstore and your sweet Daddy (who has a way with words, you'll find out!) said, "Oh Love Bug! We might be having a little Baby Bug!" and that was it sweet are our little baby bug now!

So far, Mommy can thank you for almost passing out in the shower this morning and becoming sick to my tummy! Your little body is getting bigger (I am 6 weeks today!) so your little heartbeat is going, and those little demands on me are making me queasy! Mommy and Daddy LOVE to eat healthy, so we were thanking God that we were ready to have a baby in that respect, but you are making it hard to eat these days! I have only eaten a little applesauce and a bit of wheat pasta today! Well not totally, your Daddy brought me some very bland organic cherrios this morning while I was trying to convince myself that throwing up would do NO good, there was nothing in my tummy! So I had a few handfuls of those and kept it under control. So another day without throwing up~ which is good- Mommy has a very strong stomach! Your Daddy's tummy isn't as strong. I hope the Lord sees fit not to pass on your Daddy's tummy issues--- but He knows best.

I am praying for you everyday baby bug. Daddy is too. He likes to just rub on my (nonexistent) little bump where you're growing. Your Daddy is very much in love with you--- we're still trying to decide if we'll let the doctor's tell us what you're gonna be (since we can't see ourselves!), or if we might wait. This probably won't surprise you, but your Mommy has already been name considering...I think we've settled on Elijah if you are a boy and Vivienne if you are a little girl...

Okay baby bug--- You are finally gonna let me eat something, yay! So I'm off to get something in this tummy to help you grow big and strong! I love you so much. I didn't realize I could love you so much already. You are awesome!