Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yay Baby Bug! This has been a big week!

Your Daddy felt you for the first time and your mommy is feeling you ALL the TIME! You are an active little baby bug!!! You should know that you like music a lot! You heard "My God My Savior" by Aaron Shust today in mommy's playlist and you were just bumping along! It was TOO PRECIOUS! I couldn't believe it! Your Daddy was at work so he didn't get to feel it, I was bummed! But it was super sweet...

I love you're getting bigger and bigger...I've stopped running up and down the stairs two at a time these's just getting too risky! ;)


Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi Sweetheart...

Okay, so your mommy has been feeling you A LOT this week! YAY! You are quite a little active bug! We went in to hear your heartbeat two days ago and the doctor had to follow you around on my tummy since you were floppin' around in there! I hadn't even had a sip of coffee either little one--- it's ALL YOU!

In the meantime, I have been chomping at the bit to find out if you are gonna be a little boy or a little girl. April 20th we will find out...I can HARDLY WAIT...seems like FOREVER AWAY. All of mommy and daddy's friends seem to think you might be a little girl--- but they're just guessing of course. I'm just excited to be your mommy, it doesn't matter to me if you are gonna be my little man, or my little girl!

Daddy is working very hard these days on pursuing the things that he believes the Lord is showing him to do. Daddy's have a lot of responsibility to take care of their wives and their families, and your Daddy is no different. I know he wants to make sure that you are taken care of--- well, at least all of your needs. Our needs seem to always be much less than our wants...we're grateful that the Lord meets our needs and takes care of us.

I am reminded today that the Lord is bountiful and inclined to compassion, that His mercy is great, and that it is impossible for Him to reject any who implore His help. (Psalms 31:19-20 specifically) And your Daddy and I have really been seeking the Lord, asking for His help in all of our decisions, and in the motives of our hearts. We're thankful that we can stand on the Lord's promises in this time =)

The doctor says I'm in great health and doing well with you sweet bug-- my blood pressure is great and everything else checks out- HALLELUJAH! I'm still just getting used to my tummy that feels super huge to me (although no one has even asked me if I'm pregnant, so I must not look it yet)...I'm sort of looking forward to the day when I get asked when I'm due. Unfortunately, people have such poor eating habits these days, that even your mommy tries to guess if other women are pregnant or if they are just eating poorly---- seems like the latter is always true =( It's okay, Daddy and I will teach you all about eating clean and taking care of the only body you'll have--- the one I'm taking care of for you right now- the one that the Lord is putting together inside of me made just for you.

I love you little baby bug. Every time I feel you move around a bit, I get really excited. Daddy leans over to touch my tummy and always feels jipped that he can't feel you yet--- he'll get his time! For now, it's just between me and you =)


Monday, March 14, 2011

15 weeks!

Hi Baby bug...

With less than 48 hours left to go on week 15, I MADE IT! I posted the video the same week we filmed it!!! This MUST be progress ;)

Love you,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Week!

Hello baby bug =)

This past week was our start of collecting "things" that you're gonna need. Coco and Granddad have been working for years with an organization called Born Again Blessings, so I volunteered to help a bit and got to shop for a few things for you. I say a few things because your Daddy and I were very blessed this week also to only need to procure a small list. You see, Miss Teda and her husband Nathan offered to give us all of their baby things since they are done having sweet little kiddos!!!! Your Mommy was very overwhelmed sweetheart. Since Daddy hasn't been working for a few months (rather he is seeking the Lord diligently to follow His plan- what a good daddy!), we have been making sure to be nice and frugal. Your Mommy has felt it part of her duty to pray for your needs to be answered through the Lord. I have been overwhelmed at His love to provide for us this way. It humbles your Daddy and I, and we just keep asking the Lord to mold us and make us more like Him- to give us discernment on what He has for us.

We picked up some sweet little onesies for you this week. Okay, we? Not we. More like me ;) I picked out some sweet little neutral outfits while we're still waiting to find out what you'll be =) I'm getting very excited to meet you baby bug...I pray for you every day...every little twitch I feel and every time I look in a mirror (at my steadily growing belly!) I always think to pray for you. Tonight I watched an indie film with a particular message about a mother who had told her son to get out of her house (he was only 16) because she didn't agree with his lifestyle choices: particularly that he was saying he had no concern for living like the Lord, etc. And he overdosed within 5 months and died. I was in conflict. I tried to imagine how I would feel, 16 years from now, if you told me that you hated God and wanted to deny who Jesus was- that you didn't care to change, etc. I thought about my own rebellion as a teen(ish) and what I know the Lord did in me and has done in me since. The message of the film was sad. The makers condemned the mom and the prevalent message was that "Love always wins"...

This is a hard one baby bug. This past week Mommy and Daddy had dinner with friends, the Chautas, and we talked about a similar subject: how to be honest with your children and teach them, raise them, in the fear of the Lord. Your Daddy and I talk a lot these days about what sort of things we would want to share with our kids some day. What sort of lessons we could teach through our own stories, etc.

I'm aware that our society has gotten irreverent in their fear of the Lord. "Love always wins" is this universalistic theme being spread in the Christian church like a sickness. It's one that seems nice and Christ-like, but lacks the adherence to Scripture- God's Holy Word. People like to make God be whomever they want Him to be. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, all who follow His precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise!" Psalm 111:10

We don't need to make God who we think He is, some wise old man with clever ideas about life. No, Jesus's death was hard and working out your salvation is hard. And it's also easy. When you love Jesus, and seek to be more like Him, the Holy Spirit will always be there to guide and teach you, giving you peace for the next step. I guess I say all that to say that I realize, even as you are not yet born, that this problem here on earth is getting and will only get worse. Old people ALWAYS say "In my day, it didn't USED to be this way" etc etc (you'll see!), but in this case, it's totally true...I fully anticipate that for you, baby bug, you will be living in a society that completely and absolutely mocks God. In every way. It makes me sad.

God gave me life baby bug. He relentlessly pursued me in my darkest hour and showed Himself strong on my behalf. He carried me through some of the darkest hours in my life and has been with me always. I just didn't always realize it. I am married to the most amazing man, the man God had for me all along- your awesome Dad. Trust me, he is the BEST. And now I have you growing in me (yeah yeah, i bet you're thinking "ew! mom!" ; p) I just cry out to the Lord for you, that you won't have to have deep pain to know Jesus radically, like I do now...

And then just when I've tried to reason with God on this matter of your life, I realize I surely must remember myself and what the Lord says about you. He knows you now. Knows all the days in your sweet life, all the plans He has for you, all the bad and dirty and ugly that is your sin and all the things He made you to be. And I just let go again. I can't be in control of your little life. So I will just keep in prayer always, and trust the Lord with what you need.


Okay, I think I caught myself writing at a vulnerable moment. ;)

I guess I could lighten the mood by telling you that I have a disease called "baby brains" as a friend told me today---- affectionately, of course! I can't seem to get information to go through my brain into my mouth these days--- I frequently find myself calling things the wrong name or not being able to look at something and call it what it is...SUPER WEIRD! I've read that it will pass--- which is good!

I've started working on your little room. I've come to the conclusion that we need to get rid of things, hahahaha! We need more space! Baby stuff is big!

Your daddy isn't home yet, actually, neither is Aunt Sal or Uncle Steve, so I'm going to relish the quietness just a bit longer and spend it with the Lord...

I love you honey,

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Your mom came up to me and asked "have you thought about what kind of personality our baby bug will have?" This was a simple question that I'm sure she has thought about frequently, but to tell the truth, I really had not seriously considered it. So I answered honestly, with a "no, not really." If you could have seen my sweet wife's face upon hearing my answer (and yes, I asked her if I could share this story), you'd have thought I told her I didn't care about you at all! The truth is, of course, that I love you very much, and there are many, many things that I have thought about and pondered for some time, including your personality (I'm pretty sure you're going to be just like your mother...which is awesome). But the majority of my thoughts have been focused on my role in your life. What I'm going to teach you. How I'm going to provide for you. How I'm going to protect you.

How I would do anything for you.

I pray all the time that the Lord will show me where he wants me, how he will enable me to provide for you, what kind of work I'll do. Right now I'm working at a gym called American BodyWorks, and I'm actually trying really hard to come up with a plan to procure said gym. It's going to take a lot of hard work from me and even more favor from the Lord, but if it comes to pass, it could really benefit our family a lot. By the time you're really aware of this blog or our family's life, we'll know for sure if this ever came to be...which is kinda cool to think about.

Your mom and I have also been talking about schooling as well (never too early to discuss that, right? We already have your college picked out...hope you don't like dancing). We're tossing around the idea of home-schooling you. I personally believe you're going to be really smart, and I want to give you the best opportunity possible to grow and develop your brain. Of course, we don't want to neglect your social development, or any other areas, and therein lies our dilemma. My only prayer is that the Lord will lead us to the right decision, and I'm grateful to know that the Lord is faithful...he'll only let me get so far off track before he reels me back in!

The Lord has been very faithful so far to provide stuff we need to care for you in the of your mom's sweet friends gave us a truckload of cool stuff, and my mom gave us some money to buy some stuff at a consignment sale called Born-Again Blessings. His promises are true, He is our provider, and I continually praise Him for these blessings...especially you.

I must say, of all the things I can't wait to teach you, I am most enthusiastic about teaching you about Jesus. He is central to our lives; He is our Lord and Savior, and He is the only thing worth living for. I'm certain you'll come to realize this, as your mom and I did, during the course of your life. I know this much: your mom and I will give you all the information you'll need to make an informed decision!

We love you baby bug...Vivian maybe? Or Elijah? Time will tell...