Monday, February 21, 2011

New things today....

Hi Baby bug,

Well, it's been about a month since the last time I wrote to you. Today I thought I might have felt you a little could be that I'm just "wishful thinking" but I was lying on my bed very still and had this little flutter feeling. And I thought, well that's not gas or hunger (I had just eaten a nectarine, which I LOVED!) and I just laid still for a bit to see if I would feel it again. After I checked some of the pregnancy books and it seemed to confirm that I may be able to feel some little flutters of you starting around this time in my pregnancy- and that it's more likely when I am still to feel it!

Anyways, I got pretty excited...and I also didn't want to get too over the top just in case I imagined it or something....I can't wait to really feel you =)

Your Daddy and I have been very busy this last week. We have been moving! We're living with your Aunt Sally and Uncle Steve (whom you will love!) And I've been working pretty hard to get this place together. The Lord knew the timetable for us though, I can see how this move was timed perfectly with your mommy's energy levels returning!!! You, little one, were requiring a LOT of energy from me the first three months of your development. I was tired all the time and you'll see soon, that's not the easiest thing for your mom to handle. I like to work hard and hopefully you will too. We got this from the Baer side of the family, but you'll have a double whammy because your Daddy likes to work as hard as I do, if not harder! God must have known we were for each other (ya think?! haha!) Sometimes during the move Daddy and his friends would say "Stop! Put that down!" to me. Or I would try to talk them into letting me carry something that was probably fine to carry, but your Daddy made sure I was going to be stuck directing traffic! He said my job was to take care of you! It's just hard to watch other people work and not do something to help! My land! (as your Great Grandma Baer would say!) I have to admit, at the end of our moving day, I was nervous that I had pushed myself a bit too hard. My tummy was hurting so I laid down and asked Jesus to protect you if I had overdone it...I was glad to find out the lst few days that I have a little champion! Praise the Lord!

So Daddy and I have been working very hard to get things settled and start making more time to get ready for you and the things you'll need. I'm sitting in your future room right now writing to you! This room may not be fully yours though, you may have to share with mommy's impressive book collection ;)

I love you little baby bug. I'm starting to get pretty excited thinking about having you to hold. I held a newborn baby girl recently and thought a lot about when the day would come that I would get to hold you. I'm sure it's no surprise to hear that it can feel a little overwhelming at moments...but I am mostly excited =) You should see your Daddy; if he was nervous, I wouldn't know. He's just so excited to see you and take care of you.

We have been reading the Word to you, hoping your little ears can hear it ;) And your mommy has been making sure to play lots of awesome Christian rap so you'll know what's up ;) I hope you have your mom's rhythm, your Daddy's dancing is always a crowd pleaser--- he says "just find the beat and then lose it!"...time will tell I suppose. ;)

Well, I suppose this is enough for tonight. Your Daddy is off playing ultimate frisbee with friends, so it's a great time for me to get some reading in. And I can spend some sweet time with Jesus...

I love you,