Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi Vivien,

Welllll, we're in the third trimester now and your mom is getting asked more frequently when YOU will be here =) Daddy and I are always excited to tell people about you. What we know, anyways =)

You are very awake in the mid morning when I wake up, usually around 9:30-10, and you get a little lethargic after I eat something for spend most of the day quiet, with just subtle movements here or there. It's almost like you may be sleeping and just getting comfy in your sleep state. Of course, every once in a while you'll move a bunch in the afternoon and it shocks me. In the evenings you are wide awake and moving around. It's super sweet to try and guess if it's your foot or your hand, etc pushing on my tummy! Your Daddy holds my belly a lot these days and asks you if you are bowling in there or something! You are quite the little mover!

I take you to the pool with me frequently. At least twice a week. It's sooooo nice to float in the water and read outside. I am a HUGE fan of the water and find myself looking at other little girl babies/toddlers/kids at the pool around me wondering what our little girl might be like.

I've been praying this week for whatever day you'll be born on and that the whole process will go smoothly. I am trusting the Lord to get me through it. I'm a bit dramatic, (haha!) so I wonder what my response will be to the whole ordeal. I am really leaning on the Lord in prayer these days to just wait patiently and trust that He will handle it. I honestly don't know how people live without Jesus...without the peace of the Holy Spirit to guide them. I guess they call it "inner strength" or some weirdness like that.

Your cousin Isaac was VERY CUTE this week. He's 3 and loves to greet Uncle Jon and Aunt Sarah when we go over to Coco and Grandad's house. He sat next to me on the couch this week and Aunt Esther told him you were in my belly getting big. Isaac said "Baby Bibie!" and kissed my tummy (to kiss you!), super sweet darling girl =)
The next day, your Aunt Esther texted me to let me know Isaac had prayed for you before bed. He prayed for baby biby and said "She kicks Aunt Sarah a lot". SUPER ADORABLE! Even Isaac is praying for you!!!

The last few weeks I couldn't eat enough peaches...but I think I may be over the whole tart food phase. Nowadays I am just plain hungry, for real food! You are getting big and need the sustenance I am guessing =)

Your Aunt Esther has blessed us with a crib for you, so your room is pretty much done sweetheart (once we put it up!)...I just need to hang some pictures, but I'll do that when it gets closer. Maybe I'll take a picture of the room at the end of the summer before you get here.

I babysat recently for our friends Sam and Page. Their little girl is 11 months and her name is Sydney. She slept in your room in your pac 'n play and I probably went it just to look at her sleeping 5 times! I couldn't help but think about you while I was watching her play in your space. At the end of the night, your daddy and I went in together and just looked at her and thought about you.

Daddy is super in love with you and has been reading to you from the Psalms. When I was a little girl, my Grandma Baer taught me Psalm 23 and when your Daddy and I read it to you recently, it reminded me of those fond memories. Learning scripture is so cool. I wish I knew more, but the things I know, I always take to the Lord and use to lean on everyday. I think, if YOUR Grandma Baer doesn't beat me to it, I may try to teach you the same Psalm. But you'll see, your Grandma Baer is very excited to teach you about Jesus...gosh, I am too. I'm excited for you to know Him too...there is no greater joy in life than knowing Jesus, Vivie.

I'm trusting the Lord for a lot of things these days sweet girl. Lots of people and books have lots of ideas about how to raise kids, etc. And I find myself just asking the Lord to teach me to be a mom. YOUR Mom. I don't need to know how to love you anymore...most days I feel like my heart may burst from how much I already love you...but there are other things I wonder about for sure.

Okay sweetheart, you haven't made a peep since I started writing...maybe you're a lot like your mommy--- a SOUND sleeper! That'd be nice for you...Daddy wakes up very easily, so go easy on the nighttime crying once you get here...he'll appreciate it =)

I love you,