Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi baby bug...

Your Daddy and I were going to go to our first doctor's appointment today to find out about you and make sure that you're doing well, but the heavens opened up and the Lord has given Atlanta a major sheet of ice to cover every inch of this big city! Sooooo we are stuck inside. Your daddy is playing old school Nintendo right now he's so bored. And I thought I might just write you...

Lately you have let mommy know how much you HATE onions! You must be your Daddy's little one because he can't stand them either--- and that makes me smile because if there's anything I would love, it would be for you to be like your Daddy =) These days he is always reaching over to rub my tummy if I tell him it is bugging me! Daddy and I agree that you are starting to be able to tell, ever so slightly, that my belly is going to get big. It feels sorta firm and is sticking out juuuuust a bit. I get excited to see the changes and I'm excited to see YOU one day precious baby! Today as we ran to the grocery store amidst the million other people trying to clean that place out, I saw a mommy with her little boy in her cart on the baby aisle. He was being very well behaved and I couldn't help but wonder what you'll be like....will you cry all the time? Will you be quiet? My mother says that your Uncle Steve, my brother, was very content to wake up in the mornings and wait for her to come get him when she was ready...I don't think every mommy gets that luxury...maybe you'll be a laid back baby? I don't know sweet baby bug, your Mommy and Daddy are both VERY type A. I'm not so sure we would know what to do with a laid back litte one! haha =)

Something else sort of frightening has been happening recently. The last few nights, I have woken up in a panic, lots of anxiety! Restless dreams and I immediately tell your Daddy to pray out loud for you (and me!). I'm not sure what it is and Mommy gives it to Jesus with Daddy, right away in prayer, but the Lord is already showing me how much you belong to HIM, that He has just loaned you to me and to your daddy. I can't do anything with fears except give them away. You have to understand too, sweet bug, Mommy is not a very fearful person. If you take after me at all in this area, you'll see! (And you should ask Grandma Baer about your Mommy's first day of kindergarden!) Yes, I am seeing how we prayed for the Lord to give us a family when He felt it was time and so it would be very wrong of Mommy to try to take ownership now. You'll see my darling, the Lord is most wanting of our faith. I have total faith that if He wanted to call you home tomorrow and take you from me, I would miss you very much, but I would trust Him. And your Daddy feels the same (trust me, I asked him ;))

Okay, I suppose this is enough for now...Daddy and I went on a litle walk in the ice/snow and I thought about how one day I will have to bundle up my little baby bug to take you with us- and how sweet little babies aren't allowed to forget their mittens (like maybe Mommy did!)...

We've rescheduled the Doctor's appointment for Thursday and I'm excited to see Dr. Alarcon! He was Miss Teda's doctor when she had her girls (whom you will LOVE!), and she loved him, so I'm excited to meet him too!

Okay--- love you sweet baby bug...
I pray for you all the time, everyday.

Love, Mommy

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