Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How you got your name...

Hi Sweet Baby Bug...

This is your Mommy typing =) Your Daddy and I know a few different people who write to their little ones, and Mommy decided she wanted to do the same...This will help mommy, because I am afraid my memory can suffer some from all of my "living in the moment!" It's okay, that's the way God made me, and right now, that's what God is doing with you...making you! Inside of me!

Daddy and I have been VERY excited since we found out about you!!! You were a complete surprise, but we prayed for you to come when Jesus was ready to send you! Daddy and I got married pretty fast- we knew that all of our waiting for each other wasn't in vain, so we trusted the Lord and married each other! I'll write you the story one day, but for today- that'll be good ;) So when Daddy and I decided to give our marriage to the Lord with all of our hearts, we also prayed for a family when He thought we were ready! And then, on December 31, 2010- on your Aunt Katie's wedding day!!!- we found out about sweet little you! Even though we had only been married just under 3 months, Daddy and I were SO EXCITED! It was all we could do not to tell everyone! Mommy told one lady that was even a complete stranger (I couldn't help it sweetheart! I was so happy!) We had to wait another few days before we got home to Atlanta before we could tell Momma and Papa Baer (now GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!) and Grandma was so excited she started jumping around!!! Grandma Baer is going to be the best Grandma ever, you'll agree with me one day, and Grandpa Baer was so excited that he couldn't wait to tell either! Mommy is a lot like her daddy in this way too! ;)

Coco and Gandad (As your cousin Isaac has named them) are Daddy's parents- and you will LOVE them! Gandad flies around- he is a pilot (which I bet you'll think is so cool as you get older- heck, even Mommy thinks it's cool at 28!) so we are waiting until Gandad flies in from work tomorrow to tell Daddy's parents! And Coco loves being a Grandmom. Your cousins Isaac and Oliver ilve at their house right now and she loves to help out watching (And spoiling, I'm sure!)...They will be thrilled tomorrow! We are soooo excited to have you meet everyone one day--- you are already so loved and being prayed for all the time Little Baby Bug...

OH! I should tell you how you became our little baby bug! Well, Daddy calls Mommy "Love Bug" (and sometimes Mommy calls Daddy that too!), so on our way to go "confirm" that you would be coming along, we had just left the drugstore and your sweet Daddy (who has a way with words, you'll find out!) said, "Oh Love Bug! We might be having a little Baby Bug!" and that was it sweet are our little baby bug now!

So far, Mommy can thank you for almost passing out in the shower this morning and becoming sick to my tummy! Your little body is getting bigger (I am 6 weeks today!) so your little heartbeat is going, and those little demands on me are making me queasy! Mommy and Daddy LOVE to eat healthy, so we were thanking God that we were ready to have a baby in that respect, but you are making it hard to eat these days! I have only eaten a little applesauce and a bit of wheat pasta today! Well not totally, your Daddy brought me some very bland organic cherrios this morning while I was trying to convince myself that throwing up would do NO good, there was nothing in my tummy! So I had a few handfuls of those and kept it under control. So another day without throwing up~ which is good- Mommy has a very strong stomach! Your Daddy's tummy isn't as strong. I hope the Lord sees fit not to pass on your Daddy's tummy issues--- but He knows best.

I am praying for you everyday baby bug. Daddy is too. He likes to just rub on my (nonexistent) little bump where you're growing. Your Daddy is very much in love with you--- we're still trying to decide if we'll let the doctor's tell us what you're gonna be (since we can't see ourselves!), or if we might wait. This probably won't surprise you, but your Mommy has already been name considering...I think we've settled on Elijah if you are a boy and Vivienne if you are a little girl...

Okay baby bug--- You are finally gonna let me eat something, yay! So I'm off to get something in this tummy to help you grow big and strong! I love you so much. I didn't realize I could love you so much already. You are awesome!




  1. vivienne?!?!?!?
    as in.....vivian leigh??!!
    love reading this blog!

  2. Holy MOLY!!! I just went back and looked at this (now that I am 30 weeks!) IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE!!! WOW!!!! I am HUGE in comparison!!! hahaha =)