Monday, January 24, 2011

I saw you!

Hi Baby Bug...

I SAW YOU! This past week your daddy and I went to see our first picture of you!!!! Oh my goodness you are so small and so sweet. Our nurse, Doris, said you were perfectly awesome and she told me that you should be coming September 6th (which is exactly when your mommy said you'd be let's just see if you actually want to come out then!)

Your little heartbeat was something else, too. Your Daddy and I are super excited to have you here with us when the time comes. Now that I have your little photo on the fridge, it seems even more real. I am so excited to meet you one day (and so is your Aunt Sally and Aunt Wade, they both are reaaaalllllllly excited too! haha!)

We may go ahead and find out more about you in a couple of months. Daddy seems to think that being prepared ahead of time would be good for us, and your mommy trusts your daddy's we'll see ;) In the meantime, I saw that your daddy posted your picture, and we still have to put up the video we made of Grandma and Grandpa Baer finding out =)

Today I am not feeling well (for something new!) My body is working very hard to grow you up Baby Bug! And that's okay with me...I'm not really feeling all the nausea anymore, now it's just overall tiredness and are in your 8th week baby! Tomorrow you start your NINTH WEEK! The time is going so fast already!

I'm so proud of you little one. Your Daddy and I pray all the time that you'll know Jesus (cause He knows you right now, everything about you!) And we are praying that He helps us be the best parents we can be. I can't wait to see you more close and look at your little face. I love you so much!!!!


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