Thursday, March 3, 2011


Your mom came up to me and asked "have you thought about what kind of personality our baby bug will have?" This was a simple question that I'm sure she has thought about frequently, but to tell the truth, I really had not seriously considered it. So I answered honestly, with a "no, not really." If you could have seen my sweet wife's face upon hearing my answer (and yes, I asked her if I could share this story), you'd have thought I told her I didn't care about you at all! The truth is, of course, that I love you very much, and there are many, many things that I have thought about and pondered for some time, including your personality (I'm pretty sure you're going to be just like your mother...which is awesome). But the majority of my thoughts have been focused on my role in your life. What I'm going to teach you. How I'm going to provide for you. How I'm going to protect you.

How I would do anything for you.

I pray all the time that the Lord will show me where he wants me, how he will enable me to provide for you, what kind of work I'll do. Right now I'm working at a gym called American BodyWorks, and I'm actually trying really hard to come up with a plan to procure said gym. It's going to take a lot of hard work from me and even more favor from the Lord, but if it comes to pass, it could really benefit our family a lot. By the time you're really aware of this blog or our family's life, we'll know for sure if this ever came to be...which is kinda cool to think about.

Your mom and I have also been talking about schooling as well (never too early to discuss that, right? We already have your college picked out...hope you don't like dancing). We're tossing around the idea of home-schooling you. I personally believe you're going to be really smart, and I want to give you the best opportunity possible to grow and develop your brain. Of course, we don't want to neglect your social development, or any other areas, and therein lies our dilemma. My only prayer is that the Lord will lead us to the right decision, and I'm grateful to know that the Lord is faithful...he'll only let me get so far off track before he reels me back in!

The Lord has been very faithful so far to provide stuff we need to care for you in the of your mom's sweet friends gave us a truckload of cool stuff, and my mom gave us some money to buy some stuff at a consignment sale called Born-Again Blessings. His promises are true, He is our provider, and I continually praise Him for these blessings...especially you.

I must say, of all the things I can't wait to teach you, I am most enthusiastic about teaching you about Jesus. He is central to our lives; He is our Lord and Savior, and He is the only thing worth living for. I'm certain you'll come to realize this, as your mom and I did, during the course of your life. I know this much: your mom and I will give you all the information you'll need to make an informed decision!

We love you baby bug...Vivian maybe? Or Elijah? Time will tell...


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