Saturday, October 29, 2011

You're sleeping through the night!

Vivien Elmer you precious thing! We are so proud of what a sweet baby you are! Not only are you holding your head up for long spurts now (many minutes at a time) you are also sleeping through the night now! Granted, I have to put you in a baby straight jacket so you don't punch yourself awake and I do give you a good amount of milk to get you nice and full, but you sleep like a pro! Must be an Elmer kid cause mommy and daddy love sleeping too! You've done 7-8 hours a night plus another 3-4 after I feed you pretty much every night this week- soooo by 7 weeks you have got sleep down (but you could say you were doing well about 6 weeks or so). You are sitting here talking to me- well- making sweet sounds to me- it's so precious!!! You're a talker! Love you!!! Xoxo
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