Monday, October 3, 2011

Before I go to bed...

Before I run off to bed, I just wanted to write to you...mostly because I can't tell you with any sort of understanding on your part just how it feels to be your Mom right now...
Tonight you took a bath (Aunt Sally and I gave you one) and we took a little loved the ducks and you love the bath. It's so fun watching you learn about everything you see! And then I dressed you, fed you twice and rocked you to sleep...which I don't do often...rock you to sleep that is. But tonight I didn't want to put you down. You were all cuddled up on my chest...which you never do...and I didn't want to put you in your crib. You took a break in your feeding to just lay in your crib and listen to the scripture memory verses that Aunt Jess gave you as a shower gift...wide awake...just peacefully when I scooped you up to eat a bit more about 45 minutes later, I was just overwhelmed by the Lord's sweet prescence in your room and listening to the verses playing...You know Daddy recently remarked that he wasn't sure who the verses were more beneficial for: you or us...sometimes round the clock feeding and care for even a sweet baby like you can be very we're encouraged by God's Word- I hope you are too baby bug. I hope your sweet mind is absorbing His Word and hiding it in your heart.
I just sat in the rocker tonight with you and cried happy tears for what the Lord has done. He is too good to me, to us...I read Psalm 91 today and just was overcome with God's promises to me over the years...for what He rescued me from and what AMAZING THINGS HE HAS DONE...and you, sweet little girl, are one of Mommy's biggest amazements. You are so sweet and beautiful Vivien. I am praying over you and for you constantly, praising the Lord for what He has done.
I thought I loved you before I saw you, when I could only feel you and dream about what you would be like...I can't begint to describe the depths of my love for you now which I am sure is nowhere close to the heights and depths it will become. But Vivien, Jesus's love for you is deeper than even awesome. How humbling.
I am so thankful for you my sweet girl...the little darling you are...I can't wait until I can tell you that and have you understand...for now I am content to sound nights with you like tonight...
I LOVE YOU...xoxo, Mommy

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