Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Poem From Your Daddy...

Vivi, Daddy wrote this a few hours before you were was the in between time when we were waiting for Mommy's body to be finally ready and we were finally getting some rest...

At two I watched the minutes pass.
Two oh five. Then two ten.
I'd look at her for a moment or two,
Then back at the clock again.

My arms were tired from holding her.
My back was sore from standing.
I pushed and pressed, did all I could,
but the curse was too demanding.

All I could do was watch, helpless.
at the anguish of my wife,
The toil of my body, a trifle
compared to the judgement upon my eyes.

With the curse of the fall before me,
And the judgement of sin upon us,
I received a new witness to mercy,
I received new hope in Jesus.

For the pain I caused my savior,
I now witness in my own wife,
And I'm drawn anew to salvation
and called to give up my life.

Now I too will be a father,
And soon, my own image will fall,
And on that day I'm sure I will see
What it means to love above all.

And if I could only but cast,
a dim light toward God above,
maybe someday too, my daughter,
will learn what it means to love.
We love you...xoxo

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