Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Day in the Elmer House!


It's a big day sweetheart!
Today you had two big firsts =) I watched you as you examined my hand and then you tried to reach out and touch it! It was super cool...I felt like you were your own little person, exploring life, instead of just existing for me to take care of you ;) Afterwards you took a nap on mommy (I couldn't resist) and you were all curled up on my tummy like you were when you were in my belly not too long ago-- it was SUPER SWEET =)

But the big news is that you lost your umbilical cord today! YAY! Now Mommy and Daddy can give you a bath! I'm so excited! =) Daddy asked me if I had saved it. sweetie, I threw it out. No offense, but I figured you wouldn't be interested in seeing a dried up piece of cord one day ;)

I love you big are already getting so big...I'm enjoying spending time learning to be your Mom.


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