Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful Girl!

Hi there sweetheart...

Right now you seem to be asleep in my belly--- you haven't moved since you heard your daddy's voice earlier today, but it seems like when I get still I feel you the most- so we'll see ;)

I dreamed the other night that I wasn't pregnant anymore....I guess with only 110 days left to go before I meet you, I am really feeling ready to see your sweet face and hold you =) Yesterday your Gramdma Baer and I went to the doctor (your daddy had to work!) and she enjoyed hearing your heartbeat. The doctor had to chase you around a bit cause you were flopping around as usual! I told him it was just who you were, alllllllways moving and grovin'! I had to get stuck with TWO NEEDLES yesterday. Believe me when I say darling, I am LESS NERVOUS ABOUT HAVING YOU then I am about needles!!!! I HATE THEM! I can't explain it, I just don't like getting my skin punctured, ugh!!!! I asked the doctor if I would have to have an IV when I was having you. He sort of laughed at me and told me that I would need it. Today I'm trying to come up with any possible reason that I can use to avoid the IV. Maybe if I come in like MINUTES before you are born then they won't have time? Like a movie scene or something?! I don't know baby girl, but the doctor also joked that maybe I'll be so upset and worried about the IV that having you will be a breeze... ;)

Your daddy and I are signed up for classes now so that I can learn how to breathe through labor and know what to expect. Knowing what to expect will really help me to get through your birth without needing drugs or needing to be cut open. Daddy and I really want to have more little kiddos besides just you sweetheart, so we're trying to go the natural route to make it possbile.

As far as your temperament, I should tell you: Yesterday I was reading my chronological Bible (Aunt Katie and I are reading it in about 6 months) and you KICKED IT OFF OF MY BELLY 4 TIMES! I was LAUGHING! You are such a little monkey in there, always wanting things comfortable according to you---- you don't like mommy sleeping on her right side in bed, you'll kick me and kick me (or hit me) until I switch to my left! I frequently put my belly on Daddy's arm or leg or side and let him feel you going all bananas! He'll say "Vivien, calm down baby girl" and rub my tummy. And we just chuckle at how spirited you seem to be already.

Grandma Baer thought it would be appropriate to tell the doctor yesterday that your mommy was a Theatre teacher and perhaps THAT'S why YOU are so dramatic! We'll see....

On mother's day Mommy got some sweet gifts from family members. I protested that I wasn't a mother yet, but Coco and your Grandma Baer were insistent that I WAS! Coco gave me a CUTE little PINK TUTU for you with a sweet little hat and headband that you can put different clips on. You are going to be a little princess already! And your Aunt Esther gave you the CUTEST ballet slippers that are leopard with little black bows and a little black headband--- you'll be adorable. Grandma Baer gave your MOMMY something though ;) She gave me a pretty maternity shirt in a coral color that I can wear a little later this summer as you get VERY BIG! I was excited for the gift! Seems like we BOTH got little gifts on mother's day, huh?

I'm working on your nursery a bit today sweetheart. We're still praying for some of the last details for things you need, but in the meantime, it's been going very well...we are blessed that the Lord is taking care of us. He is gracious and knows our needs!

I love you,

P.S. We call you Vivien...I can't wait to meet you Vivien.

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