Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi sweet GIRL!!!

Yep, you are officially our little girl =) On Wednesday Daddy and I went to get the ultrasound done to see actually almost didn't work out! We showed up and Mommy's nurse said "You aren't scheduled for an ultrasound" and I almost lost it! I thought waiting until you were almost 21 weeks was painful enough--- now they're telling me I may leave again NOT KNOWING?! I looked at Daddy like "Solve this!" haha =) So, the nurse ran to see if anyone was around that could do an ultrasound and there was ONE WOMAN that had stayed late (apparently they only work half days on Wednesday) and she said she'd squeeze us in! OH PRAISE THE LORD!!! We took off for the room to see her and sure enough, we got to see you Baby bug =)

The Ultrasound tech showed us all your little limbs (you were all sprawled out in there!) and measured you. She showed us your little baby tummy and that it was working (she could tell by the color!) and your kidneys, and your sweet little brain forming. We saw your heart and all the chambers beating (144 bpm!) Daddy and I were in awe and I couldn't stop crying...I dabbed at my eyes and repeated silently to myself to hold it together, but I had been waiting to see you for weeks and weeks and it was just so surreal. I just couldn't believe that I was getting to see you! I'm loving feeling you bouncing around inside of me and Daddy feels you all the time kicking me too...this week Aunt Wade AND Aunt Sally felt you kicking...they were SUPER excited =)

So we are actively praying now for your sweet name...Daddy and I both still like Vivien Kate, so we'll keep praying and allow the Lord to steer us another way if that's not what he has for you...which is totally possible =) I think the Kate is settled, but Mommy knows that names are a big deal, so I just want to make sure we choose right =)

Today I researched diapers (reeeeally exciting, right?!) because this is Mommy's job...getting ready to be a Mommy!!! In the meantime, I AM LOVING THE NAPS...thanks sweet girl...if only you would knock off the kicking when I want to sleep ;) Sometimes I tap my tummy and ask you to knock it off (nicely) or Daddy will say "This is your Daddy speaking, you let your Mommy sleep little girl!" Hahahaha!

I'm praying for you darling girl. I think that when I thought you might be a little boy, I felt sort of I might escape some of the hardships of having a daughter (apparently we are going to hate each other when you're a teenager...refer to this blog when you think I hate you ;))...but now that I know you are a little girl, MY little girl, I am thinking, okay knew what you were up to allllllllll along. Thank you for giving me the ability as I seek you, to do the best I can with YOUR daughter.

I love you my little girl...(and Daddy loves you too...he's hard at work behind me making sure we can afford to feed you, haha!)

xoxo, Mommy

(Here's your little face...Mommy thinks you have Daddy's mouth...wonder if it'll be true?!)

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