Friday, April 13, 2012

Big girl!

Big girl! by theelmerslovejesus
Big girl!, a photo by theelmerslovejesus on Flickr.

Sitting up! You big girl! You've been doing this for a while, but I just got to getting a pic :) Today you ate a bit of chicken too! You loved it! You are constantly grabbing at anyone's utensils to eat like a big girl. You know exactly what to do with it too- and you try to stick that spoon right in your mouth (with little coordination)...I love watching you grow and watch and learn. Yesterday you fed yourself mum mums while mommy and daddy were at the grocery store and you rode around in the cart- you had it all over your face and in your hair- you're getting so big and growing up so fast.
One last thing- you are a huge daddy's girl. Daddy makes you very happy- you get really excited and laugh when your daddy plays with you- it makes mommy a bit jealous, but I know you love me ;) I just went to check on you while you sleep- you're precious darling, always sleeping with your little bear on your face :) I love you!

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