Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dear Vivien,

Life has gotten rather busy lately and Mommy hasn't been very good to give you updates! So, at this moment, your Daddy is putting you down for a nap because you are tired and he loves to play with you on his day off while I am writing you after just waking up...yes...I just woke up! I have been VERY TIRED the last few weeks while your baby brother or sister is gorwing in my tummy! It's been very hard on Mommy. I have even been taking some medicine so that I can get up and take care of you every morning without feeling SO SICK. It's been very miserable, and YOU, my dear have been as close to a perfect angel as any Mommy could hope. I like to imagine it's because you know Mommy is working hard and you are wanting to help out. =)

Yesterday you started laughing like a big girl. I can't get enough of it. I just want you to laugh and laugh! It's precious!!! You have this quiet way about you while you interact with new surroundings and people that just fascinates Mommy. It's like you are drinking everything in very intently! It leads me to imagine that you might be a deep thinker. You make lots of expressions that remind me of your Daddy. Sitting at home with you while Daddy is at work doesn't seem as hard when I can just look at your face and be reminded of him. You are quite the little expression maker! Also, you really seem to adapt very well to new trips and you LOVE looking out the window of the car at all the moving scenery. I always catch you doing that while we're driving along. You don't even care to have your pacifier- the changing pictures pacify you plenty. You are quite a happy baby in the car! You also have taken easily to sleeping other places. This has been a huge help! As long as we play your scripture cd and swaddle you tight, you will pretty much sleep anywhere.

I am very excited to meet your sweet sibling next fall, but I will admit that I have been cherishing our times together alone recently. You will be our "only" for such a short time that you will never remember it. But I will. You made me a Mommy Vivien, and that is a special place. I am so thankful for you. It is hard to be a mother. One day you'll see. If I thought that I had any qualities of a servant before I had you, I was fooled. Being a mother means laying down your life everyday for someone(s) elses. It is teaching me much about Jesus. And at night, when your Daddy and I read the Jesus Storybook Bible to you before bed, even though you are too young to understand it, Mommy gets blessed by the stories. It's humbling to think of the sacrifice Christ made for us, for you. I always pray that you would know it and love it like your Daddy and I do.

Okay, let's see...any more updates? You are not crawling yet and do not prefer laying on your tummy, but I make you do some everyday anyway =) You are a huge fan of vegetables (YAY VIVI!) and prefer them over fruits (although you'll eat both). Your Aunt Sally can make you smile in seconds and you have taken to having stare downs with men (your Uncle Steve, both Grandads). I can tell you are just trying to figure it all out! OH! You put yourself to sleep! You have been doing this for weeks now- you can be laid down fully awake and put yourself to sleep. It was so started this restless behavior when I would try to hold you or rock you ever so slightly for the last few minutes of the day. I had the thought, "I guess she's just ready to go to bed, not in the mood for cuddling!" and lo and behold- that was the case! You were just ready to be laid down. Now I really never bother to rock you- you aren't interested. You seem quite independent, having already figured out what "sleep time" means. You have always been a great sleeper Vivien. The only hard night you have ever had came with your first cold. We got it together, you and I, and the night that it was the worst, I went into your room and held you close while you slept some on my chest. After I felt you could breathe, I laid you down in your crib only to come down back shortly and do it again. Lots of booger picking! You do NOT like that at all!!!

Hmmmm, well I suppose on that note, it's time to wrap this up...I've been trying to be diligent in my picture taking...I'm hoping to get even better =)

I love you!


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